Most people assume the name of my business, Four Thirty, refers to the time they think most freelancers stop working – 4:30PM.

While that might be hilarious and true for some freelancers, the meaning behind the name has a bit more depth.

Four Thirty was inspired by a Mark Twain quote that became my mantra a few years before I conceived the business.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why.”

For years, I struggled to find my purpose. I’ve accomplished a lot in my life, but I still found myself on a quest to find the reason I was born. Why was I here?

I’ve worked with charities, helped feed the less fortunate and played an active role in my church, but I’ve always felt like there was more. I was good at helping people maintain, but what could I do to help people grow and prosper? That’s the question that I always had ringing in the back of my mind.

On a birthday trip in Rio, it hit me. I’ve always loved creating things – no matter what it was. From trying new recipes, writing poems, designing websites, and creating random cocktails, everything that I love to do involves ideation, planning and execution.

While I found a lot of peace and happiness creating for myself, I wanted to help other people create also. The concept of Four Thirty was a perfect union of bringing my entrepreneurial passion and creativity to life while helping other entrepreneurs and creative freelancers fulfill their passions as well.

While I knew it would take a lot of hardwork and dedication to bring Four Thirty to life, I was more than ready for the journey.

Four Thirty was the day I was born (April 30th)  and it was also, the day I found out why.

Learn more about Four Thirty here.