IKEA Digital Strategy

I developed digital strategy and award-winning campaign idea “One Night Without Lights” to help raise awareness of IKEA’s Brighter Lives for Refugees initiative and drive in-store foot traffic.

Client Brief:

IKEA’s Brighter Lives for Refugees campaign sought to highlight and help bring light and renewable energy to refugee camps across Asia, Africa and the Middle East by donating 1 euro (approx. $1.38) to the UNHCR for every IKEA LEDARE-LED light bulb sold Feb. 3- March 29, 2014. He designed and implemented a digital communication campaign that would bring national attention to the newly established Brighter Lives for Refugees initiative.

Our Solution:

The “One Night without Lights” online campaign challenged people to continue their nightly routines without any source of light, so they could experience what life might be like in a refugee camp. He engaged key online influencers to take the challenge and executed a series of tactics to raise awareness of the campaign online among consumers.


In the US, Brighter Lights for Refugees raised over $570,000 in its first campaign year (2014). The One Night without Lights blog challenge resulted in 625,336 unique visitors and 713,873 impressions. Campaign bloggers generated 204 clicks to the IKEA website, The IKEA Share Space Blog, and the IKEA Foundation website between February 3 and February 28, 2014.

Visuals by Que Duong

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